All About Design

There are many different aspects of design. Today I will be talking about five of the principles of design. Color is maybe one of the most important attributes of design because it is what initially is going to grab someone’s attention. Different colors also render different reactions. Blue is calm, red can be angry or even sensual, white is purity, black is darkness, etc. Typography can be detrimental if used incorrectly. It has to be legible and match the theme of the campaign or website. The type also has to go with the brand’s logo, or else it is not aesthetically pleasing. Metaphors and symbols are clever forms of design, and usually people will appreciate it because it takes time to develop symbolism, and it can be carried out through an entire campaign. Minimalism is beneficial, especially for technology. An example of minimalism is Apple, none of their ads are ever too much color or try too hard to get attention, they are beautiful because there is not too much to look at. Form/function/message are the bread and butter of an advertisement. If an ad isn’t functional or the message isn’t properly conveyed, then it is completely ineffective. Balance and proportion can be achieve through symmetry or asymmetry. When type or photos are offset, the ad is most likely going  to be less pleasing to the eye. Rhythm is repetition, when an ad is consistent in its patterns, colors and type, it is more successful. Dominance can be achieved through color or type, but sometimes this can be overbearing and ineffective. Unity is when all of the elements combine to make a beautiful advertisement!



This picture exemplifies great use of typography, minimalism and color, it’s simple and eye catching.  – Forbes



This ad is a great example of a metaphor, typography and balance. Snickers, Pinterest

This is an example of a poor message.   AMP, Pinterest



Minimalism that gets the message across.   Hat Weber, Brilliant Ads



Great use of color Ray-Ban