Alexandrea Garza Influencer Article


This is an article I wrote for Luxur Lux Magazine, an up-and-coming women’s entrepreneur magazine. Please find the PDF below or check out for more!


luxur lux mag issue 6 – alexandrea garza article


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Ava L. Hawkins

Most Awkward Member of Coldplay

I tried really hard to make this look good, but I don’t think it’s possible. I truly enjoy creepily looking over Chris Martin’s shoulder, and I think it adds to the aesthetic of the band. I am not familiar with this aspect of photoshop, so this was very difficult for me to figure out at first. I did do it for it to look awkward because what is life if I do not make people feel uncomfortable?


Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 10.53.18 AM

My World

All around me is faded light provided by the sun, I am encompassed in soft quilts and blankets that resemble sweaters. Netflix is paused, asking me, “Are you still watching ‘Grace and Frankie'” when I am actually typing, listening to the click of my keys on my keyboard. There is clean laundry everywhere, and a hint of coconut in the air from my wall plug-in.


This assignment helped me observe my space better, and I learned that I need to be more descriptive in my writing. When I truly observe something is when I feel most in touch with my surroundings, and I usually find things I never would have noticed if I was carrying on with my daily life.

The Sipper

Have you seen the new Yeti cups, tumblers and S’well bottles? Why do they all have long, confusing names when all of them require the same effort and the same conclusion? All that is required is to take a sip, no matter what contraption you choose to drink out of. I introduce to you, The Sipper, a device you drink liquids out of, and it is easy to remember because the name mimics your actions, and it’s cute!



You Could Drive a Kia, too.

A couple of months ago, I finally got a new car. I drove the same car from when I was 16 until I was 21 years old. I wanted something that would fit all of my friends on our rides to Hurts Donuts, I wanted something I could blast the newest music in, and most importantly, I wanted something that could keep up with me, and I wanted something I could make memories in. My 2017 Kia Sportage has not disappointed me, You may ask why would I get this car? It’s affordable, all of my friends fit, and I can make memories in it.


I enjoyed this assignment because it made me very appreciative that I have a brand new car that I can finish out college with, and I can start my new memories with as an aspiring attorney. I think it is a token of my come up from high school to an almost college graduate, and I worked hard to get that car, and I will continue to do so.

Typography Wars

Shoot the Serif was a fun game, and I very much enjoyed the reference to a great song.  I did find myself finding the differences between serif and sans serif as time went on. I have always had difficulty doing that!


Type War was fun as well, except I did horribly, and I am not capable of finding all of these fonts. We need to be able to use more than Times New Roman in school, so we can do better on our design homework!


Poster Letters is what I found myself most successful at. I am a movie person, even though I still didn’t do too great, I did better than I first expected. It’s a good thing I am in this class, so I can do better on these games next time!

All About Design

There are many different aspects of design. Today I will be talking about five of the principles of design. Color is maybe one of the most important attributes of design because it is what initially is going to grab someone’s attention. Different colors also render different reactions. Blue is calm, red can be angry or even sensual, white is purity, black is darkness, etc. Typography can be detrimental if used incorrectly. It has to be legible and match the theme of the campaign or website. The type also has to go with the brand’s logo, or else it is not aesthetically pleasing. Metaphors and symbols are clever forms of design, and usually people will appreciate it because it takes time to develop symbolism, and it can be carried out through an entire campaign. Minimalism is beneficial, especially for technology. An example of minimalism is Apple, none of their ads are ever too much color or try too hard to get attention, they are beautiful because there is not too much to look at. Form/function/message are the bread and butter of an advertisement. If an ad isn’t functional or the message isn’t properly conveyed, then it is completely ineffective. Balance and proportion can be achieve through symmetry or asymmetry. When type or photos are offset, the ad is most likely going  to be less pleasing to the eye. Rhythm is repetition, when an ad is consistent in its patterns, colors and type, it is more successful. Dominance can be achieved through color or type, but sometimes this can be overbearing and ineffective. Unity is when all of the elements combine to make a beautiful advertisement!



This picture exemplifies great use of typography, minimalism and color, it’s simple and eye catching.  – Forbes



This ad is a great example of a metaphor, typography and balance. Snickers, Pinterest

This is an example of a poor message.   AMP, Pinterest



Minimalism that gets the message across.   Hat Weber, Brilliant Ads



Great use of color Ray-Ban